Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

The Contemporary of Islam

Course of history has been influenced by many civilizations and cultures, so that gradually a change in history itself. Similarly, what happened in the history of Islam, so God has strengthened its history in the book of the Qur'an itself, and at the same time God has guaranteed about purity. Which means that God does not guarantee the purity of the others apart from the Qur'an itself. Included in the history books, (not included in the warranty).
Include here the history of Islam to the people up at the present time. Were known by the people of the history of the struggle that so many shed the blood of the martyrs, even if it was true. But behind the great physical battle, there is a far greater war. As in proclaim Rosululloh SAW, full moon after the war, the battle against lust. Passions are very many types and forms. And also one of the largest wars in preach by the Almighty, the wars 'science'. So Allah challenged the unbelievers at that time to make a letter similar to the Qur'an. That's the reality of the truth, then God is challenging science they (the disbelievers). How powerful, so that Allah Ta'ala has directly challenged them.
It is highly regrettable and very sad that only a physical war history up to the people.
Until negligence occurred. The ease with Islamic teachings in the mess, a wide understanding until it walled-camps (schools). Al-Quran in the end it is away from the race by making the walls (the terms of studying the Qur'an). Himgga Muslims never get to the meaning of the Holy Qur'an. Also the scholars there, it is possible they fall asleep on the walls, or in other words, the tool boasts a science, the science that would otherwise require the study of the Qur'an. One example, for instance science 'Nahwu'. Emerging experts Nahwu with its own flag, thus forming a group of experts Nahwu. They (the scholars) and umatpun Nahwu fascinated with the science of it, to forget about the actual function Nahwu science. And worse, the scholars of the past which is used to people, found or air ijma 'by claiming loudly to those who learn the Qur'an without the requirement. It's not wrong, that if scholars do not fall asleep on the science of the device (Nahwu). That happens, but not easy to fix. The Qur'an was eventually taken over by non-Muslims meaning. The majority of Muslims have only studied the skin, the more painful and worse, they were going on about the problem skin. Because the skin of their busy lives just boast, it is not up to the actual content.
So many people in Islam who want to hold the leadership, and allergies (anti) to the leadership of others. More concrete has occurred among the leaders of the competition. It is clear it will create confusion among the people. The people end up confused, about to stick anywhere, Al Qur'an? whereas scholars themselves much covered, even without them knowing it. Hadith? so many hadiths do'if the hadith shohih, and made reference to the scholars. So many Muslims, but just like the foam on the beach, "Very weak", "very ironic".